December 30, 2008

Christmas Boots

This year, instead of Christmas stockings, I crocheted Christmas boots for the family, almost like shoes. We usually do shoes on Christmas morning instead of stockings. This is in honor of Saint Nicholas, who left gifts in children's shoes. (The story has since evolved into Santa Claus and stockings.) I had to make a pair of shoes for everyone, (two!). Each single boot took 13 granny squares. I would crochet 13 squares of one color, 13 of another color, and so on. I slowly began to tie the threads in and connect the squares. I made just one of every color to be sure that everyone had at least one boot for Christmas. After much discussion, we decided on 10 (different) colors. Colors are as follows: Papa-Deep Burgundy Mama-Forest Green Daniel-Red in the Star Stitch Joseph-Royal Blue Nehemiah-Bright Green Noah-Yellow Elijah-Red in the Granny Square stitch Anna-Soft Pink in a Flower Stitch Ezra-Orange Each color is that corresponding person's favorite color. I picked Ezra's favorite color for him, because everyone else already had the rest. And on Christmas morning all the boots were well filled with all sorts of surprises for every familiy member. And now I am back at work for Baby Abigail, who will make an appearance in May. Any suggestions on the color for her boots?!


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