September 23, 2009

Medieval Faire

Here are photos from our family Medieval fair. I had to include the cake! Orange and blue with a Medieval twist?!
Two more medieval costumes are finished. I began sewing on Friday, and finished them Saturday! The felt lion was the most intricate part. It took the longest to precisely cut out, and then applique with a close ziz zag stitch, on the front of Elijah's outfit. There are four walking splits in each outfit, with a bar tack at the opening to help prevent tears from strenuous use!
Noah is "fencing" (posing). Nehemiah and Elijah with their matching outfits.

September 16, 2009

Progressing Pilgrim Costumes

I'm still plugging away at the old fashioned Pilgrim costumes. All the shifts are finished now, (the brothers have dubbed them "nightshirts"), and they look like long white flowy robes. Outer garments are next, and this week, I'm in the process of designing the men's jacket. All this work has been temporarily halted, because this Saturday, we are hosting a "Medeival Fair", and I am making outfits for Noah and Elijah that match Nehemiah's. I'm staying busy, and I'll post more about both projects later!